Global Supply Chain Management

Originally known as “Logistics”, Managers considered the connection between goods coming in for production and goods going out to customers. Logistics Management evolved to Supply Chain Management which considered the efficient material flow from source to supply. Global Supply Chain Management has evolved to much more than this, from raw materials sourcing to servicing the end customer and recycling.

The need for professional expertise in this area will continue to increase as Growth, Innovation and Sustainability goals will concretely be met by the people in the diverse spectrum of roles along the complete Supply Chain, now often referred to as the Value Network.

The study program in Global Supply Chain Management has been designed to provide all participants with the know-how, the competence and confidence necessary for the planning and implementation of global supply chain projects at the strategic as well as the operational levels.

  • It is open to executives and future executives specifically interested in supply chain management; some previous experience at executive level is required.
  • It promotes research in Logistics and global supply chain management.
  • It contributes to the development of modern supply chain management methods and organizations.

The participants will develop a broad global supply chain management culture based upon technical, economical and managerial knowledge enabling project evaluation to be made by adding considerations from a Sustainable Development and Industry 4.0 point of view.