Business Strategy & Marketing

Business Strategy Content
Analysis of internal and external environments
Strategic choices (business strategy, functional strategies, innovation)
Strategy deployment
Core competencies
Network strategies
Ethics and social responsibilities

Business Strategy Learning Objectives
The general objective of this course is to provide tools and skills that will enable executives to strategically analyze and solve complex business situations for the benefit of their firm and its stakeholders. Participants will have to think beyond classical business functions as they carry out the required readings and solve the various case studies.

The specific objectives are threefold:

  1. To develop a multi-industry strategic mindset;
  2. To understand the challenges behind making and implementing strategic decisions in a complex and dynamic environment; and
  3. To use tools and frameworks, knowing their limitations, for the development and implementation of a performance-oriented sustainable competitive advantage.

Marketing and Customer Service
Customer behaviour
Marketing strategy
Marketing plans and programs (product, price, promotion, place )
Customer service (elements, process)
Customer relationship management (CRM)
Innovation in Customer Service