Information Systems & Big Data

Supply Chain Information Systems & Connective Technologies
SCIS design (data & process modelling)
SCIS selection (commercial ERP & APS systems, selection criteria, parametrization)
SCIS implementation
SCIS maintenance
Data warehouses (design and exploitation)
Knowledge management
Tracking and tracing of logistic flows (eCom standards, bar coding, RFID, EDI, XML, GPS)
Design, implementation and maintenance of EDI/RFID/GPS systems

Big Data
“Big Data” “Data Analytics” and “Data-Driven Decisions”
The technological aspects of Big Data, Predictive Analytics
How Machine Learning/AI is changing how firms go about discovering patterns in data
Predicting outcomes for decision-making.
Foundational concepts and methods of data science
How to apply data analysis algorithms to real-world data sets (i.e., learn some programming)
Implications of data-driven business models and strategic planning
Mathematical visualizations and logical thinking